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    Northern Idaho
          Real Estate With

     We provide complete information on North Idaho’s Redoubt, from the articles we wrote and share (below left) to detailed onsite information on individual properties, all from a Local perspective. Our Buyers are simply well informed and diligent in their search, and we help them every way we can.


    Featured Properties


    Rev Realty in the News

    Local Photography

    Our Weather/Seasons

    Water-How to get it

    Water Rights

    Mineral Rights

    Property Adjacent to National Forests

    Timber Rights/ Firewood/ Taxes

    NFS Firewood Permits

    Growing Food/Soils

    Southern Exposure…or not?

    Our people/ The Locals/ Our Buyers


    Defending a Property

    The Neighbors

    Outdoor Activities

    Solar Power/ Alternative Energy

    Hydroelectric Possibilities

    What happens every day?

    Why do people come here?

    Buyers Unaccompanied Onsite Viewing of Property

    My Political Views…

    Property Reviews

    Welcome to the Heart of the Great American Redoubt, North Idaho!

    We are the original preparedness Real Estate company, and have been specializing in providing detailed information on North Idaho and selling properties to Patriots for over 10 years.

    Our company was formed on the basis of providing detailed local information to our Buyers.

    We do not service Liberals.

    Let’s make this happen!

    Our 5 step plan is simple, and extremely effective.

    We will help you get educated on North Idaho first; and then provide the all important process of providing you with excellent local information on individual properties.

    Our plan works very well, our Clients’ words tell our story; please take a look at our “Testimonials


    Let’s get to know each other a little!
    We’re going to provide you with a TON of local information & insight, but first, let’s find out where you’re at in the process of moving to the most beautiful State in America outside of Alaska!

    Are you new to North Idaho?
    (Almost all of our Clients are new to North Idaho)
    If you’re in the beginning stages of buying land or a home in North Idaho; we’d like to invite you to

    Learn about North Idaho!
    (If you’ve already been to North Idaho & are really familiar with all of our areas, please skip to step 4:

    Step 1:
    Read all of the links on the left hand side of our website…(read more)

    Step 2:
    We’ll set up your searches in both MLS’s & send you daily updated listings…(read more)

    Step 3:
    Visit North Idaho, we’ll meet you for breakfast & answer all of your questions, and we’ll provide a great map (free) & itinerary. (read more)

    When You’re Ready to Buy:

    Step 4:
    Send us the MLS numbers of the listings you like most, we’ll review them for you and return all of the information we find that is negative, from a local perspective. (read more)

    Step 5:
    After you review the information we sent you, you pick out the properties you would like to see, and when you visit, we’ll go & see them in person. (read more)

    Along the way, we’ll share our knowledge on installing & using solar power, spring development, water sourcing, defensive tactics, growing food & more.





    Looking for a Home in Northern Idaho?

    Use Our Incredibly Easy To Use Search Tool To Find Your Perfect Dream Home or Majestic View Property In The Coeur d'Alene Area!

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